Submission Guidelines

We seek the highest quality fiction, poetry, and creative nonfiction written in English anywhere in the world. Our editors will consider submissions from both unpublished and established authors.

How to Submit

What We Publish

The best way to know what we will accept is to read what we have already published.

Submissions Must Be Previously Unpublished

If your work already exists in print or anywhere on the Internet, we will not publish it.


We prefer mainstream literary fiction but will also consider genre fiction with literary merit. We are not interested in polemical pieces that subordinate the elements of good writing to promoting a cause. Submit only one story at a time.


Except for our dislike of polemical writing, we place no restrictions on subject matter, form, or length. We do prefer poetry that makes effective use of imagery, and we define imagery as appealing to all of the senses. We expect poets to know their craft whether they are writing in traditional forms or free verse. Submit no more than five poems at a time.

Creative Nonfiction

Any subject is welcome as long as the point is presented with humor, with brilliance, or in some other way that holds the reader’s interest. Works that dwell on the evils or merits of particular political points of view are not likely to be considered favorably. Submit only one work at a time.


Currently we are unfunded and can recompense selected authors only by putting their works into a high-quality forum where people who care about good literature will read their works.

Publication Rights and Copyright

By submitting a work to Amarillo Bay, the author gives us First Electronic Rights to publish the work. Works that are accepted will be published in an issue of Amarillo Bay that is featured until the next issue appears approximately three months later. The work will then be included in the back issues. Except for keeping works available in back issues, Amarillo Bay does not have any other rights. (At the request of authors we will remove their works from Amarillo Bay.)

Authors retain the copyright to their works. Before submitting, authors might want to copyright their works. To do so, authors should see the U.S. Copyright Office Home Page, or the equivalent in their country.

Authors should consider reading some of the documents found in a search for Know Your Publication Rights.