For more about the editorial staff of Amarillo Bay, please see below:

Julie Wise — Editor-in-Chief, April 2017 –

Jerry Craven — General Editor, March 1999 –

Richard Moseley — Fiction Editor, March 1999 –

Katherine Hoerth — Poetry Editor, August 2014 –

Gretchen Johnson — Creative Nonfiction Editor, March 2015 –


Please see below for more about the authors featured in Amarillo Bay:

Marie-Andree Auclair

C. A. Cole

Terry Dalrymple

Andrew Geyer

Culley Holderfield

Michelle Lansdale

Moumin Quazi

Glen Sorestad

Chuck Taylor

Dennis Vannatta

Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue

Scott Wiggerman

Anton Yakovlev

Donald Zirilli