For more about the editorial staff of Amarillo Bay, please see below:

Julie Wise — Editor-in-Chief, April 2017 –

Jerry Craven — General Editor, March 1999 –

Richard Moseley — Fiction Editor, March 1999 –

Katherine Hoerth — Poetry Editor, August 2014 –

Gretchen Johnson — Creative Nonfiction Editor, March 2015 –


Please see below for more about the authors featured in Amarillo Bay:

Marie-Andree Auclair

AN Block

C. A. Cole

Terry Dalrymple

Chip Dameron

Francis Duffy

Jules Gates

Andrew Geyer

Lynn Hoggard

Culley Holderfield

Ulf Kirchdorfer

Michelle Lansdale

Tim Millas

Brady Peterson 

Moumin Quazi

Glen Sorestad

Chuck Taylor

Dennis Vannatta

Donley Watt

Robert Wexelblatt

Ken Wheatcroft-Pardue

Scott Wiggerman

Anton Yakovlev

Donald Zirilli