Bucky Rea: Migration

Oklahoma dust migrated 
through clouds and jetstreams 
over prairies and the shoulders 
of glass and metal towers. 
It rests, exhausted dirt hitched 
onto truck beds, snuggled 
into chrome, Gulf bound. 
Louisiana swamp rain, pure 
as clouds and more clever, 
rumbles in tongue-hot to splatter 
and splatter flat drops against
every steel roof, sideview mirror, 
ball hitch, and license plate,
to push down the dust
into sewers, and grillwork, 
and dandylion yards. 
The rain moves across rice farms,
Hill Country, and pastures of cows. 
Behind, it leaves the Okie dust
broken, strangled in mud, 
and gasping by the roadside 
to bake.

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