Judy Clarence: The Closing of Katrina Rozelle’s

The bakery is closing

on the day my daughter’s marriage swirls

down the drain like the last crumbs

of wedding cake. Sixteen years ago

we sat, she and I, on a patio in the sun

on College avenue in Oakland, sampling

bite-sized squares of wedding cakes:

moist gateaus, chiffons, tortes, bundts, dacquoise,

tasting a future exquisite as lemon icing.

Katrina, offering sips of tea between bites,

described the textures—we savored them

as years of love. A happy life. Live flowers

to decorate life’s layers. And now…

today, the day that bakery shuts its doors,

her door will close, the locks will change.

He’s gone.Her heart has closed

behind the clumps of frosting-soiled flowers.

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