Kim Malinowski: Reflection

We stare out at each other through the mirror,
He stands in his bathroom,
towel wrapped around his hips,
foam covers his face as he glides
the razor beneath his chin.
I brush my teeth, swirl the mouthwash,
squinch my face searching for perfections.
He buttons up his shirt humming,
I trace our names in the steam as he
grabs a water, I get coffee inhaling deeply
as he drums his fingers against the desk,
I try to wash the ink off my hands,
sucking in my waist as I stare at myself,
How does he see me?
He glances in the rearview mirror,
cursing the heat as he sweats,
I watch out the glass doors for my shadow self
as he enters, shattering the image.
For just a second we pose as if we’ve practiced.

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