Bonnie Kennedy: Housecleaning

One day, she looked around and realized
That she hadn’t redecorated in years.
Her divorce was still the centerpiece
Gathering dust on her entryway table.Heavy drapes of regret, moth-eaten
And frayed, hung over the windows.
And ex-boyfriends’ pictures lined
The wall in cloudy, outdated frames.

Worries filled the matching bookcases,
Shelves dedicated to the things
That weighed on her all the time.
No dust has settled here.

“Enough!” she said, and found a box.
She packed up her divorce, and dusted.
The faded pictures she threw in the trash,
And tore down the dark drabby drapes.

She was amazed how much brighter,
When she put up open mini-blinds
With sheer panels of hope. The sun
Poured in on a fresh coat of purpose.

She cleared out several shelves
Of the bookcases, leaving only
Concern for her family and friends
And one shelf for miscellaneous.
In her prettiest vase, she created
A bouquet of her happiest memories
And finished it with baby’s breathe
From the birth of her granddaughter.

And this became the new centerpiece
For her entryway table, and above it,
She hung a huge wood framed mirror
So she could check herself when going out.

For more on Bonnie Kennedy, please see our Authors page.

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