Chuck Taylor: “Dear Whoever You Are”

You, the divine cow
who we milk somehow
beyond the red slaughter
inside the blue laughter

You, mutable as the seasons,
mutable as the reasons
we give for our incontenence
on all the sliding continents

You, the one big face,
desert sun full of grace;
you, the many faces–
our animal and human races

You the righteous, the deist
the pantheist, the theist,
the quietest, the atheist,
the leftest, the centrist

You the really big show
You the flow, the grow,
the foe, the average Joe
smarter than the crow

You the powerful one–
cranky, you always won;
you the line of roses
set out for sublime poses

You who make praise
meeting our duplicitous gaze,
saying this life’s no bust
lifting our road of dust

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