Chip Dameron: “Crisscrossing Texas, or 19 Ways of Looking at a Road Map”

Bee Cave to Honey Grove, Big Lake to Little River,
Sweetwater to Sour Lake, Kingsville to Queen City,
Newgulf to Old Ocean – lots of towns with ties.
You can breakfast in Early, lunch at Noonday,
and hustle west to Sundown for dinner.

Caution light in the Panhandle: avoid an endless
yo-yo between Loop and Circle Back.

Artists, load up your palettes with rich hues
from Amarillo, Orange, Black, Blanco, and Silver,
plus side stops in Blue Ridge, Brownwood, Red Rock,
and Goldsboro.

History buffs might opt to zigzag through twenty-three
presidential towns, including Washington and Jefferson,
Lincoln and Roosevelt, Reagan and Johnson City.

Woodworkers rejoice – there’s fine lumber from Live Oak
to Red Oak, White Oak to Lone Oak, Cottonwood
to Mesquite, Magnolia to Pine Forest.

You can follow the money from Dime Box to Dinero.

Smart to pack some heat and an NRA sticker when visiting
Gun Barrel City and Cut and Shoot.

Martyrs can follow Crockett and Bowie to Fate and Alamo.

Relive the Battle of San Jacinto by starting with Houston
and going all the way to Santa Anna. 

To track appropriated tribes, strike out from Seminole and drive
east and north to Cherokee, Comanche, Caddo, and Tioga.

Looking for wildlife? Go first to Buffalo, then White Deer,
and on to Turkey.

Lovers should take Rising Star to Venus, then spend
a dreamy day in Valentine.

Pilgrims can pray in Palestine and Nazareth, contemplate
Corpus Christi, and be renewed in Trinity.

How to choose between Eden and Paradise? Try them both,
with detours in Godley and Devine.

If you have the travel itch, hopscotch from Holland to China,
Scotland to Iraan, Paris to Roma to Athens to Moscow.

In March, stop in Shamrock to get your green on the way
to the big parade in Dublin.

When you’re driving from Electra to Pandora, watch out
for complexes and boxes.

And if Shakespeare were alive and traveling from Stratford
to London, he could pause on the way and try to revive
poor Desdemona.

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